Meet our current lineup of soxy singers!

Class of 2022

Adaku Nwokiwu

Briarwood, Queens, NY

Most of Adaku’s earliest and fondest memories involve music: raised by a mother born and bred in New York and a Nigerian father, Motown, 90’s rap, R&B, and Nigerian highlife were a big part of the soundtrack of her childhood. Artists like Fela Kuti, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu and Anita Baker helped Adaku realize how special music truly is from an early age and made her try her hand at singing in chorus and plays in elementary school. Though it would take some time to realize it, singing has become a safe haven for Adaku and an easy way to tap into another version of herself. After deciding between sticking with chorus or auditioning for Bluestockings, she’s grateful to have joined her fellow Bluesox!

Carolyn Mavretish

Mahwah, NJ

Carolyn has always loved to play music. As a child, she played the violin. All throughout middle school and high school, she was a part of every choir that it was possible to join or audition for, and she attributes most of her social clout to this fact (and surely also playing the clarinet in Symphonic Band). Carolyn thinks that Bluesox is the best possible way to continue singing in college, and is thrilled to be able to be a part of such a group of amazing women.

Gyselle Hennessy

Business Manager

Amherst, MA

Gyselle hails locally–from inside the town of Amherst itself–where she has been singing since before she could talk. All throughout her education she has valued the way music and singing has makes her feel, committing to sing in the regional high school’s Choral and a cappella groups until graduation. She was happy to find that she could continue to sing with the Bluestockings, and that they were a group of more-than-bearable friends! Bluestockings has been her most enjoyable experience on campus so far, and she looks forward to the couple years she has left with them!

Kiely Mugford

Cambridge, MA

Kiely has loved being a part of the Bluestockings during her time at Amherst College. Her son, Finn the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, also loves coming to rehearsal with Kiely so he can howl along with the singing!

Mattea Denney

Saint George, UT

Mattea brings a pint-sized punch to the Bluesox as the group’s resident musical theatre enthusiast. Despite being given the gift of being short, Mattea ignored her calling to be a gymnast in order to pursue the performing arts. By deciding to take a ballet class and voice lessons at the age of 7, she was plunged into the world of being on stage, and has been there ever since. She is majoring in Political Science and Theater and Dance (to be the first singing and dancing president, or at least that’s what her younger brothers say), but her absolute favorite part of attending Amherst College has been being able to sing with her fellow Bluesox!

Stephanie Nomicos

Belmont, MA

From right outside of Boston, Steph has been thrown into sports her whole life and loved every minute of it. As a member of the women’s hockey team at Amherst College, with a background in chamber choir singing and a capella, she joined the Bluesox her sophomore year because missed having music in her life. She has deeply enjoyed having the Bluesox as another team to work with, and she never expected to meet such talented people and even better friends!

Class of 2023

Olive Amdur

Business Manager

New York, NY

A lover of cats and romantic literature, Olive is one of the new members of the Bluesox, bringing her many pairs of fun earrings and quite a few extra inches to the group’s collective height. Though she grew up in Brooklyn, the hipster capital of the East Coast, Olive escaped to the farmlands of Massachusetts before purchasing a single beanie hat or flannel shirt. She didn’t, however, avoid developing the habit of picking up any guitar she finds nearby and would like nothing more than to spend an afternoon singing sad songs with Sufjan Stevens. If you ask Olive’s mom about Olive’s musical childhood, she will fondly recall that Olive used to sing at the top of her lungs every time she took a shower, making sure the next-door neighbors could hear through the walls. Olive is excited to continue her singing career as a Bluestocking, though hopefully with a little more tune than in her bathroom. 

Talia Bode Ward

Musical Director

Boston, MA

Talia started singing in her church choir just a few blocks from Fenway Park when she was 9. While a loyal Red Sox fan, she’ll be wearing blue stockings from now on. When she’s not singing, you can find her playing club soccer, baking, or watching West Wing with her floormates.